Largest and most beautiful libraries in the world

Hi my fellow bookworms! I recently watched a video on the most beautiful libraries in the world and I wanted to share some of them with you. There are really breath taking, especially for us bookworms. It’s definitely love at first sight :-). So let’s get to it, first up is the stunning Dokk1 Library situated in Aarhus, Denmark.

This library was designed by architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen in 2015. It is the largest public library in Scandinavia. I could not find any record of the number of books in this library, which is disappointing, since that is the most important part (well, for me at least). However, it is definitely one of the most beautiful I have seen.

Up next is the Yanzhou Zhongshuge in China.

I dont think this technically falls under the library category since it is really a bookstore, but since it has such an incredible design, I had to include it here. The designers have used black mirrored flooring and arched shelves to create a tunnel of books inside the store (I know, it’s spectacular right!).

Next up is the British Library situated in London. The Library itself was built in the year 1973, however, prior to this, it formed part of the British Museum. 

This library is the second largest in the world and holds an estimate of 150 million items ranging from books to newspapers, journals, magazines etc. It is magnificent, I especially loved the reading room pictured below. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the Library of Congress in Washington DC, USA. This is the largest library in the world, with an estimate of 24 million books and 160 million other items. The library has been in existence since the 1800’s (shew, that’s a long time). It has, over the years, been revamped and re-designed. I would definitely love to visit this library one day. 

Well, that’s it for my list of the largest and most beautiful libraries in the world. Let me know your thoughts comments below. Until next time, Happy Reading! 

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